I’ve lived and worked around the world, working on and writing about community development and nature. I’m the co-leader of an international community development charity, and I’m a Contributing Editor at The Ecologist. I read a lot, spot patterns, join dots, travel quite a bit and love being out in the natural world. I’m curious about people, communities, ideas, nature, and space (this kind of space, this kind of space, and our common space).

I’ve worked with large and small NGOs in the UK, Africa and Asia, and have been Deputy Editor for the UK’s longest-running Environmental magazine, Resurgence. I get involved with writing and documentary projects from time to time. I’m on the Operating Board of the Ministry of Entrepreneurship (MOE).

My qualifications include:

  • BSc in Biological Sciences
  • MSc (distinction) in International Development
  • NCTJ (National Council for the Training of Journalists) accreditation in Photojournalism
  • MOE-certified, Association of Coaching (AC) and Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM)-accredited coach training
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA)

speaking5In no particular order, I like… Redbush tea, the natural world, books, cosy spaces, bouldering, music, walking, adventures, good conversations, camping, warm sunny fields, Nightjars, Devon, the sea, and connecting with people. Beyond Europe, I’ve travelled to, or lived/worked/researched in: Japan, Myanmar, India, Kenya, Zambia South Africa, Rwanda, Uganda, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Jordan and Lebanon. When I travel, I love being reminded that there are infinite ways to achieve a goal. Difference is good.

What other people say…

“Elizabeth is a radical creative. She thinks deeply, proactively and compassionately. Her multiple gifts include thought leadership, group coaching and coaching of change-makers. She brings original, often left- field solutions, to difficult problems. 

Elizabeth’s values are gounded in ways to make the world better, to challenge false assumptions and to bring hope, empowerment and justice. She has a profound understanding of community-led development, social enterprise and ways in which communities can own their own futures. These approaches can sometimes be disruptive to the status quo, but win through with their relevance and impact.”


Work with me…

Get in touch if you’re interested in…

  • organisational / community coaching
  • writing
  • nature
  • finding out more about my charity’s organisational approach
  • just having a chat and seeing what might emerge

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